What Can Our Competitive Intelligence Tool Do for Your Business?

Megan Thorp
June 28, 2021

There’s no denying the incredible pace of digital transformation across all industries. Companies that are unable to adapt their customer experience to the digital landscape are left behind. The work is never finished. Our competitive intelligence reporting tool provides you with all the data you need to move faster than your competition.

Examining the Key Benefits of our Competitive Intelligence Tool

  • We know what works for your competition.
  • Discovering how much market share your competitors are generating online and how much they are paying for those leads. Armed with this data, you can compare your own marketing efforts to find the most effective route to out-profit the competition.
  • We generate reports instantly.
  • With instantaneous reports, our competitive intelligence tool provides you with the latest accurate information. Your competition is A/B testing different methodologies and will often shift on a dime. We make sure you stay fully aware of any changes in the market with instant analysis.
  • Learn what methodologies work for your industry.
  • There are so many different ways to go about acquiring leads online. It can be overwhelming to compare and contrast, especially without a baseline of data to work off of. Our competitive intelligence reporting tool allows you transparency into the methods that are working the best for your competitors.

What Are Market Intelligence Tools?

Market intelligence (MI) encapsulates all of the information relevant to a company’s market. Through examining trends, monitoring the behaviors of current customers, lost customers, and customers that were unable to be acquired, companies can start to make more accurate strategic decisions. With the proper information at your fingertips, we believe you can discover where market opportunity lies and develop a market penetration strategy that can quickly carve out a bigger piece of the market for your business.  

While market intelligence is similar to competitive intelligence, it is more focused on providing continuous trends in the industry so that companies can react to changes in their industry in real-time.  Through market intelligence, companies are able to devise a plan of how to best allocate their resources. Everything from where to spend a marketing budget to how much is worth spending can be devised through market intelligence.

How Does Our Competitive Intelligence Tool Make It Happen?

We are proud to combine incredible technology with incredible employees. As a technology company focused on providing automated digital retailing solutions that are dedicated to improving business profitability, we knew that we needed the best experts in the industry. Our competitive intelligence tool is the result of a strategic balance of human expertise with team members from Google and Facebook and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence. Utilizing our competitive intelligence tool will result in a competitive edge, an increase in profitability, and happier customers for your business. It is why we are so excited to share it with you!

What Can You Do with a Complete Picture?

Imagine what your digital marketing campaigns would be capable of if you knew exactly what works and what doesn’t work in your market space? Our tool is so much more than information on market trends. It’s intelligence that will increase your website traffic and help you convert more sales. Contact us today for a free demo of the tool using up to 5 of your preferred competitors to see how your organic and paid keyword activities stack up on a local-level.

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