Leading Hyundai Dealership

In their pursuit of excellence, a leading Hyundai dealership in California embarked on a mission to enhance the quality of leads generated from their website and maximize their return on investment (ROI). Recognizing the significance of targeted and high-quality leads in driving sales success, the dealership sought innovative strategies to optimize their lead generation efforts. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and business growth, the dealership aimed to implement effective measures that would attract qualified prospects and improve the overall performance of their digital marketing initiatives. By focusing on refining their lead generation process, the dealership sought to unlock new opportunities, increase conversions, and achieve significant  ROI.

Impressed by the fast and accurate responses of WinnowChat, the Hyundai dealership in California switched to this advanced chat solution. They were drawn to WinnowChat's ability to handle challenging questions without requiring staff availability 24/7. By adopting WinnowChat, the dealership aimed to improve their results and free up staff time, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. They anticipated enhanced customer support and increased operational efficiency as a result of this strategic decision.

Repaying the faith shown in its abilities,  WinnowChat generated 19 new sales within four months of going live with the dealership. It has proven to be a valuable tool in capturing essential customer information, resulting in 143 names, 130 emails, and 108 phone numbers. This impressive data has contributed to a total of 104 qualified leads in the CRM, which, in turn, has led to an additional revenue of $239,370 in sales. The success achieved through WinnowChat's lead generation capabilities underscores its significant impact on driving business growth and maximizing sales opportunities.

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