Hyundai Sales Department

Located just feet away from at least ten other competing dealerships in a metropolitain west coast city, it was clear that this Hyundai dealership would need more than just traditional marketing if it wanted to advance ahead of the competition. Traditional marketing (e.g. billboards, tv ads) was becoming too saturated, and its methods very rarely provided accurate data to measure its return on investment.  

That’s what led this Hyundai store to seek digital marketing solutions from WinnowPro. The dealer came to us with the ultimate objective of selling more cars by means of a lead-generating online campaign. As partners, we created a series of KPI measurements based on their aspirational goals and historic customer data. We then prepared several different campaigns for Google and Facebook, including on- and off-site lead form submissions and C2C advertising.  

One of the main KPIs set in our relationship was the cost per lead (CPL). The dealership expressed early on that they wanted to measure success by means of CPL given that their sales team was responsible for closing the deals. Taking that into account, our team at WinnowPro determined the most accurate way of measuring CPL -- sorting between true leads vs mediocre leads (e.g. those high-quality visitors who submitted online forms vs those who just visited the website without any action). In the end, we lowered the dealership’s CPL costs by 30% within 23 days, and were able to outperform the industry standard for economy vehicles of $75 per lead.  

Following our early success, the Hyundai store has now been a WinnowPro esteemed client for approximately two years. We’ve continued to build our strong relationship with them, even expanding the number of dealerships for which WinnowPro provides social media and paid advertising services. We now earned the business of at least five of their stores, and this list continues to expand.. 

For help with gaining more online leads using search engine marketing, contact WinnowPro today and learn about our award-winning services. 

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